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In this area we are so vast it would be impossible to list everything we have done, and/or everything we are capable of. So, to greater understand this portion of us, we would like you to grasp more of a perspective of our capabilities.




Big or Small Jobs and Projects: We Master in Woodwork/Metal Fabrication/Interactive Designs/Art Decor & Design/Mechanical


3D modeling

3D molds for CQST metals

Design Services Finite Element Anylizers (FEA)

Product design optimization

Design Audits



Internal product design


If you or your company can think it, we can draw it and build it.


Target customer is any customer with a mechanical system:

  • Industrial repair companies
  • Manufacturing companies with limited maintenance staff (Most companies spend a lot of money repairing/replacing poorly designed parts with more poorly designed parts)
  • Customers that say “I’m paying too much or waiting too long to get this part from the OEM”
  • Customers that are making traditional patterns for protypes

include Design, fabrication, and/or repair, technical consulting and solution provider. Group of entrepreneurial professionals and a network of design engineers.